Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ciao from Liverno Italy

We pulled into port at 6:00 am and bussed into town. A larger city that I had anticipated. Photos to follow....
Oh, how I love life on the ship. I meet folks I would never cross paths with in my daily life:
1 A woman who recuse and trains dogs. She had a tatoo of each dog she has loved and lost on her left arm. We talked at length about the lessons our dogs have taught us and how it hurts to loose them. Canine bonding -- big time.
2 Two women who are retired teachers (met in the spa and we were having serious conversation while in various stages of dress -- or should I say undress). They described middle school children as "hormones with legs". They said that all of the testing has eliminated any creativity in teaching and now you just teach the tests. Can we all say "Homeschooling movement"?
3 All of the folks at Trivia Pursuit are interesting. Not a laugh a minute gang. Reeeeal serious about the answers. All of this to win a plastic gadget that is broken anyway. But I must admit I love the stimulation and the fact that somewhere in the universe is someone who actully knows the first year the Concord flew between NYC and London. Why would anyone know that?
Can they funtion in real life with a mind filled up with that stuff? Are their closets a mess?
4 There was an act in the theatre of a singer straight from Las Vegus but I can't resist Karoke.
Ohhhhhhhhhh, the talent and lack there of. A man from Minnesota sang " Nights in White Satin" and he was good but there is that long (akward) instrumental in the middle where you just stand a sway for what seems like 3 hours in from of a bar full of senior citizens and peace core graduates.
Two of said peace core girls sang this halarious Meat Loaf (artist) song about the decision make a commitment in the front seat of a car and that song lasted so long the Emcee said she went to her room , took a shower, grabbed a bite to eat and then came back to introduce the next singer.
My favorite of the night was a college girl from NC who sang "I Will Survive" with abandon. So cute ,so funny, so unconcerned with being cool.
I'm sure I smilled in my sleep all night.
Off to see the sights....

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