Saturday, December 19, 2009

What to Say......

On my last morning in New York I decided to head over to the Anthropology store and check out their displays. I was not disappointed!
On my way back to the hotel I found myself walking beside Tim Gunn of "Project Runway."
I didn't want to be a pest but he was just sauntering along looking contemplative so I asked; "Mr. Gunn?"
He looked up and acknowledged yes it was he.
"Thank you for being a kind man" I said.
He brightened right up.
"I know your mother would be proud" I finished and strolled on my way.
You know -- we all need a little encouragement sometimes don't we? I hope my "new best friend" was.


  1. What a wonderful thing to say to Tim Gunn and you know, he is kind. I know you had a wonderful trip. I loved reading all about it along the way.

  2. I certainly hope you gave Tim YOUR he can look back at it and remember HIS encounter with a REAL STAR! Thank YOU for being a kind woman - your mother would be proud!! Love you! Deborah