Sunday, December 13, 2009

New York -- New York!

Well, my ship came in and not a minute too soon. The city was quite a sight from the ship. I've never seen it from that perspective.
We love our $150.00 a night Priceline hotel. Crown Plaza on Times Square. We look down on Times Square from our 27th floor room.
The city is full of families and happy faces which is a relief after all of the dreary Bernie Madoff financial tsunami. It is more subdued than years past but still a happy vibe even if it only will last a couple more weeks.
We met at Tavern on the Green for dinner and it was very busy. All decked out in Christmas finery.
The couple who sat near our table were so cute and when I looked over he was down on his knees asking her to marry him! We became the grandmother's cheering section and they were thrilled for someone to celebrate with them. (While we were downtown yesterday we noticed Santas everywhere. Evidently there is a traditional day in NYC where the young people dress up like him and do a bar stroll. Well, let me assure you the old boy (and girls) were feeling mighty merry by 2:00pm. A little boy on the subway said to his Dad; "I think Santa was drunk." Can you feel the Therapists schedules filling up now?
This morning we got an early start (still on European time) and went to Rockefeller Square and then saw the windows at Saks.
Noon found us at David Wilkerson's "Times Square Church". It always makes me cry to be in the middle of this city surrounded by fellow believers. Rich, poor, young, old.

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