Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Dog's Tale

Haven't had the heart to blog this week. It's Holy week and I have been fortunate to have spent some time with other believers who have sat and been uncomfortable and melancholy with me.

How can I describe it?
I know the end of the Holy Week story and it is the greatest story ever told but this week the cost of the victory and what a debt of love I owe is so tender and personal it has left me speechless.
My girlfriend Katie told me she noticed I haven’t been blogging and I tried to explain my state of heart.

Today it came to me.........................

The emotions of this relationship with Jesus are similar to the story in a children's book "Sounder".
The book has a wonderful ending too but the pain, danger and love that produces the ending is heart piercing.
There is a poor little boy who wants a dog so bad. He knows of a little puppy belonging to a neighbor that doesn't have enough killer instinct to be valued by his owner so the owner abuses him.
The boy decides to steal the dog, hide him and keep him as his own. He names him Sounder.
Oh how they love each other! As he hides him he feeds him with the meager rations from his own meals. That dog is his life.
There comes a Holy Week in the story when it looks like the dog will have to be returned to the neighbor (Only to be kicked and tied up and tortured again to teach him a lesson).
I won't tell you the details because I hope you will read it for yourself but there is an ending where love wins.
Does the concept of a personal loving God seem hard for you to grasp?
Read the book and know that to God our Father -- you are Sounder. You are worth it even to death on a cross.
If you give in to that Love you will be owned but you can rest in it. It is safe.

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