Saturday, April 10, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of A Little Old Lady

As the week with my girlfriend Diane wound down so did my kitchen. Papa Joe treated us to dinner at a restaurant on the river Thursday night.

While we enjoyed our meal we could hear the sounds of a one man band performer coming from the deck outside the bar.
"Oh, I wish Diane could sing a song for me!" Papa Joe lamented.
To say he is a fan of hers is an understatement.
"She's the best singer I ever heard" he will often comment. "She could win American Idol!"
She's a sneaky package -- she is. She's about the same age as the guy who sang that new classic "Pants on the Ground" and he was booted out of the auditions for this year's Idol. The judges deemed him too old.
Joe and I grew up dancing to Diane singing in the most popular Rock and Roll band in Louisville -- The Mystics.  The Mystics even performed at our wedding reception.  We go way back.
Being a take charge woman (I know I hide it well) I decided to approach the band-guy and ask if my girlfriend could sing one song with him.
The look on his face said -- Oh, no another Karaoke singer nightmare.
But it wasn't a busy night and he smelled a tip in it so he succumbed.
They did a quick song selection from his Fake Book and launched into "Fever".
He snapped alert. He was stunned. The pipes on this little old lady almost blew him into the river.
He begged her to keep singing. They did a whole set.
Papa Joe was in Nirvana.
When we finally left Papa Joe tossed a $20.00 bill in his tip jar and swaggered out of there like;
"Never underestimate the power of a little old lady!"

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