Thursday, April 15, 2010

Talkin' Trash

I have a girlfriend Linda who really understands what makes the world go round.

She cooks up this wonderful salty sweet candy concoction that is called......White Trash.
Several times a month she'll make a batch and set it out in cute little sanitary containers for her garbage men.
Here is a recipe I found online for it:


2 lb. white chocolate
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
3 c. wheat chex
3 c. rice chex
3 c. corn chex
1/2 lb. sm. pretzels
1/2 lb. pretzel nubs
3 c. Crispix
1 can mixed nuts
Pour melted white chocolate over all other ingredients. Stir gently, spread on waxed paper. Break into pieces and store in covered containers

I love her wacky sense of humor and her garbage men are so devoted to her that they would probably dispose of her third ex-husband's body without a peep if she set him out on the curb.
I always say -- it's not how you treat the important people in your life. It is how you treat the people who are not powerful that discloses your true heart.
I love her FUN-ny heart!

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