Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First You Get Yourself Some Girfriends.................

Haven't we all heard this E-mail story?
The advice is from an older woman to a newly married young girl on how to survive life's ups and downs.

This week I'm playing girlfriend to my friend from Kentucky whose husband died a month ago.
At the time of the funeral I knew there would be a huge turnout for this fine man.  I decided to wait and use the money for a ticket to Bob's funeral for a ticket down here for my girlfriend Diane.
We've slept, eaten, walked miles and miles and put together a loose plan to re-enter her new life upon her return home.
Oh, and yes we've cried but we've laughed so hard too.
I am very grateful for this little house on a pond that has been the place of healing for so many, a husband who has learned not to walk out of the shower without a towel (due to strangers in the halls)  and simple or fancy meals on our table infused with hand holding prayers.
In the end I'm glad that in the beginning -- I got some girlfriends.


  1. Girlfriends are the best. Hope Diane had/has a safe trip home. It was great meeting her!