Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Ja-ped!

Fourteen years ago we got THE call. Our first grandson Jacob was here. I'll never forget the feeling when they first put him in my arms. I wanted to say "Thank you all for taking such good care of him until I could get here. We'll be going home now." It took everything in me not to say "this is my baby" being the mom was all I had known and I didn't not go quietly into the night of empty nest.

For the first few years of his life he couldn't say his name. He referred to himself as "Japed." I'm happy we weathered that phase and never succumbed to re-naming him Bob.
We are so proud of Jacob. Most likely in the worst sense of proud. He is a blessing not a reflection.
He is kind, responsible, smart and a team player. He loves the Lord and sincerely strives to live a life pleasing to God.
His future is so bright academically but most importantly personally because he truly celebrates friendship.
He's fun and the one in the family you will hear three rooms away laughing at the slap stick humor on TV. That sound is music to my ears!
He follows University of Louisville basketball with Rain Man devotion.
If the family ever receives an honor -- he'll most likely will be the one we shove on stage to represent.
One of the benefits of growing older is watching the fruits of my children's parenting efforts grow.
The apple landed right where we hoped it would land. Under the branches of Anne and Rushes boughs.

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