Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Three Things --

My girlfriend Becki's grandmother was a wise woman. She always said
"Everyone needs three things...
Someone to love
Something to do
and something to look forward to!"
I love the basic, boiled down wisdom of that insight. When I'm feeling restless I mentally scan my check list -- do I have someone to love? Do I have something worthwhile to do? And do I have something to look forward to?
Right now the answer is "yes".
1. My friend Becki will be here next week to speak at the Spring Luncheon of Women for Christ. I love her deeply and thank God for all she has modeled to me in our friendship.
2. There are many loose ends to pull together for the luncheon so this week is full of 'to dos'.
3. Three days after Becki arrives six of our girlfriends from the leadership of Community Bible Study in Philadelphia will fly down for a week at our beach house. How's that for something to look forward to?

Check -- Check -- Check

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