Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Berry Gordy CPR

Does anyone remember the Motown Reunion on PBS several years ago that was a tribute to its founder Berry Gordy?  You know the one where Diana Ross serenaded him with "Someday We'll Be Together" all the while staring him down with a look that said -- 'You know and I know you are my love child's baby daddy and by golly....................someday.' 
Every one of us jilted by an old love was picking up the intensity in that stare and thinking give the girl some space!
Berry he just sat there with his starched tux collar getting wetter and tighter.  Can we all say "deer in the headlights?"
It was so fun to hate him for just a little bit but to tell you the truth I find it impossible to hold a grudge because he is my health care back up plan.
In the event of my hospital monitor going flat line The Rock and Role Mothers 
Childhood Girlfriends
 have been instructed to spin some old Motown records and watch me come back to life.
Blip, Blip-Blip, Blip-Blip-Blip...
"Lonely Teardrops"  "I'll Be There"  ""Do You Love Me"  and "Shop Around" are the names of some of these life-savers.
Berry provided the sound track for my youth and if things go as I plan -- he may orchestrate my  golden years.

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