Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I Remember -- Nothing"

Some books are worth buying just for the title... "I Feel Bad About My Neck"  and the above title from Nora Ephrem are great examples. 
Nora bemoans the loss of her coherent thoughts brought on by marching through her 60s.
I can relate!
When did the sweet thoughts that occupied my mind get replaced by cotton candy? 
Papa Joe can't die because he is the only one who can fill in the missing word in my sentences.  Not words like existentialism but words like H A T.
Nora tells of spying a woman who looked remotely familiar in a mall and after  long moments of reflection realizing it was her sister -- who was meeting her there for lunch.
Everybody understands when we forget a person's name but their face?
Here is the upside -- I don't hold grudges (can't remember them) and you  know that old phrase forgive and forget?  Now it's forget and by default - forgive.

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