Monday, November 22, 2010


I'm a big fan of Mary J. Blige. I know -- I know get in line.
 She is many things:
A Grammy winning Hip Hop performer
A former drug addict
God's audio-visual aide for what He can do when a woman lets Him restore and lead her life.
She had an article in Oprah magazine this month titled " 5  Things I know"
Number #1 Resonates with wisdom born from pain:

"It's not always my fault.  I grew up in an environment where people were constantly 'frowned up,' and I assumed they were upset because of something I'd done.  But the most beautiful thing has happened to me: I'm unlearning self-blame.  Now I can say, "No, that's not about me.  That's their burden, their bump in the road."
I believe she would say she had to experience the grace of Jesus before she could have that perspective.

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