Tuesday, November 9, 2010

But He's Not There...

Well let me tell you 'bout the way he looked

The way he'd act and the colour of his hair
His voice was soft and cool
His eyes were clear and bright
But he's not there
Adapted from The Zombies song "She's Not There"

Papa Joe flew out on an early plane this morning and now the house is quiet -- and tidy.  I grabbed a cup of hot tea and twirled through the house singing "Bibbidy-Bobbity-Bo" and in a cloud of fairy dust put everything in order. 

I love order and let's just say that is not the zip code  where PJ  lives.
He abides with my overly neat genes and I try like crazy to not organize his shoes in a Benjamin Moore color chart manner. 
So, once the house was card catalogued and organized I sat back to take in the visual nirvana. 
Looking good but something is missing.  Oh, yeah it's his smiling morning persona as he charges out the door to feed the ducks and Rosie the cat.  His puttering and sputtering to gather his papers and bags of stuff for the movable feast that is called his work projects. 
The bottom line is it's lonely without him and more than a little flat.
Camera ready is not really all it is cracked up to be -- is it Martha? 

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  1. I hope he'll be back soon! He just gets things out of order causes he misses you when you're away!

    Hope you had a good time in Destin!! David's leaving me tomorrow night to return to J'ville. He's going to finish the little bit of packing and going to put it all in a truck and drive our stuff back up here on Saturday to be stored until we find a place.

    We're taking our house off the market at the end of the month and will try and rent it after the first of the year!