Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jolly Ole

We drifted into foggy  Dover and began to make the big break from "The Mother Ship" that had been our home for two weeks. 
Sad good byes to staff and anticipation for our new home (flat) in London.
The hour and a half ride gave us plenty of time to get the scoop on what's up in London from our driver.
Bottom line it's that same ole - same ole as the USA.
What to do with the immigrant situation?  They don't pay taxes and pull a strain on the already strained economy
Bad economy and the rich are moving due to increased taxes.
Conservatives, Liberals and a new third party (can we all say Tea Party?)
Oh, yes and now they have whining and shouting talk radio.
I guess you can run but you can't hide?
We checked into our flat and loved the rooms and views.

We lost no time in hooking up to FREE Wi-Fi.  The ship had charged $.75 per minute.  
Then it was off to get a bite and check out the neighborhood.

This is the view outside our windows.  We are in an up and coming neighborhood called Islington.  It is where the artists and creative folks hang.  We definitely need a few more (any?) tattoos to fit in.  We look like Ronald and Nancy Reagan just moved into the hood.  But I think we're gonna just love it!
PS  I think I know why the USA shines so bright from the outer space views.  A good plug is hard to find in Europe.  We are learning to adapt-ter.

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