Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 100th Chelsea Flower Show

The day PJ and I landed in London Town we discovered that The Chelsea Flower Show opened the next day.  When we went online we discovered that it had been sold out for months.
"Let's just go over there and see what happens.  After all it has always been on our 'bucket list"' he suggested.
We hopped the tube and as we entered the gates of the hospital grounds for retired British soldiers  (they are the beneficiaries of the event) we made a donation to the soldiers and proudly put on our stickers that I hoped would mark us as "good guys" and maybe help our chances of securing two tickets.  
Well, long story short we got tickets that were being returned!  Come on along................
Everything was coming up roses!

Every species of every beautiful flower - who knew?

 A shower head fountain - how fun!

 This was a fountain.  Imagine.

It was a picnic of a day!
PJ takes me on the best dates!

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  1. I've enjoyed reading about your trip. It sounds wonderful. And the pictures!! Thanks for sharing.