Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Land Ho

 We landed in Funchal Portugal after our six sea days.  It happened to be in the midst of their annual Flower Festival.  Joe and I have tagged this trip "The Follow the Pollen Tour".  The pollen had just gotten better at home and sure enough -- we went north to follow the pollen.  But, so worth it.  The plot above is of the Funchal Botanical Gardens as well as the garden photos below........... 

In Funchal they have big wicker baskets that give you a "sleigh ride" down to the bottom of the hill.  I guess that is what you do if you don't get snow.  Too bad Florida is so dang flat.  I think this could really catch on. 

 Reid's Palace is an old proper hotel where Winston Churchill and his wife ( you've got to love a hefty gal who wears a belt -- see below)  escaped the dreary London weather to relax.  It has the vibe of elegance and history.  Below is the entrance and inside the lobby:

 The streets downtown were lined with flowers.  We enjoyed a sidewalk cafe and tasted some Madeira (the name of the island)  wine.  Not a fan.
A fishing village away from the crowds.

A day to be grateful for and to bid us on our way..........

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  1. Your email reminded me that I had not read your blog for a while. I have spent the last hour+ catching up. Thank you for the treat! You are so blessed with the writing talent. Will make a point of keeping up from here on out. Love to you and Joe. Enjoy!