Friday, May 24, 2013


On our way to Rouen we had a fun lunch at

Our time in Rouen was a delight.  Our tour guide kept informing us that we would enjoy some time in the "Casino".  PJ and I glanced at each other and our eyes communicated -- I don't Think so. 
Later we found out that she was saying Cathedral with her french accent.  Big difference.  But believe me when I say -- her English is way better than our stammering French!
Entering the city we realized that it was the weekend of the city's hydro boat races.  It's like Daytona Bike Week only with speed boats.  So exciting to see those boats fly down the river from the vantage point of the bridge!
 Next we made our way to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.  This is the Notra Dame that Monet painted a study of in each light of the day from sun rise to sun set.  I had always believed it was the one in Paris?
This cathedral has the highest spire in France.

Good question.  Your answer can be slipped into this:
Although Rouen is also famous for the place where Joan of Ark was burned at the stake I think my lasting impression is the question -- What is essential?
What is essential for you?
At the end of the day we tucked ourselves back into our cozy cabin and bid France 'au revoir!

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