Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I was so excited to arrive in Lisbon. And look Who greets us...
A monument of Christ that welcomes and graces the city.  You know it's going to be a good day.
It was my third visit and now I have my favorite places where I always have to say "Hello" to begin.
Lisbon is older than Rome and it is also built up around seven hills.
First stop always -- Pastis De Belem
A bakery almost 200 years old that rolls out the most divine little custard tarts.  Nothing else like it.
Couldn't wait to show PJ the Coach Museum.  At the turn of the 1900s the queen of Portugal realized that as the automobile was coming into it's own -- royalty was discarding their extravagant coaches.  She bought them up and stored them until now they are antiques.  Don't you wish you'd done that with your first mode of transportation?
The one below belonged to the Pope and he only used it for deliveries to the Vatican. 
When I ask myself "What would Jesus drive?""  This is not what comes to mind.
Next off to Jeronimo's Monastery.
Finally some candid shots of a lovely day - albeit a cold and windy one:
Old facade on a bright shiny new building.

A monument by the river dedicated to Saints and Explorers.

We were sad to say good bye too.

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