Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coming Clean

Maybe the word of the hour for Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate" was PLASTICS but my word is Peroxide.
A few years ago our dog had a bad bout of diarrhea (sorry to be so graphic but a subject on clean has to get dirty sometimes). While Joe and I were out to dinner the poor dog had a number of accidents on our light beige carpet. I spent most of that weekend trying everything I could to get the inky black stains out. Let's just say Home Depot had my photo in the employees lounge as favorite customer of the day. Nothing worked.
Monday morning found me at the hairdresser's (the fount of all true knowledge and gossip) complaining about having to replace all of that carpet.
A red hot momma leaned out from under the hood dryer and announced "peroxide!". What? She said she'd heard on Oprah that it is the magic spot remover. We all questioned the prospect of it removing the color in the carpet too but she assured us it wouldn't.
With nothing to lose (the carpet had to be replaced anyway) I stopped by and bought about a gallon jug for less than a dollar.
When I got home I sloshed a lot of peroxide on each stain then took BJ Honeycutt out for a long walk. When we returned in an hour guess what we found? The carpet was perfectly clean! No discoloration and my theory is the padding was clean too because it has never come back.
Now I use it all of the time. It has even removed stains that have been there for years for my second favorite price -- cheap.
The Plot Thickens....
A few weeks ago we were having lunch with my girlfriend Muffet (Can you tell we live in the South again?) and her handsome as a movie star husband Sims (he is so handsome my neck blotches when I talk to him). That day his teeth were dazzling white bordering on blinding. I asked him if he was so vain he had them whitened. Nope he just rinses his mouth with good ole peroxide 3 times a week.
Soooooooooooo you heard it here first. Buy stock. Come clean.

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