Friday, June 19, 2009

Who Will Clap for Me?

(Photo taken at the Philadelphia Flower Show)
This is a poem I have loved dearly for years. Sorry but I've forgotten the author. I relate to it because I'm an extrovert and evidently I'm in that 1% of people who love to speak in public. But -- I often ask myself -- Who is the real audience?
Who will Clap for Me?
I am often dramatic
Sometimes ecstatic
In the role I play
On the stage of Life.
I bow
And bask
In the limelight
Hoarding each moment
Of thunderous applause.
But when the curtain is pulled
For the last time
When the crowds have dispersed
And the stage is dark
Who will clap for me then Lord?

1 comment:

  1. Well, don't I feel stupid. I don't know how to comment on your blog. I tried typing a response twice, so here I am.

    I will clap for you ---- right beside our Lord, Mama Jeanne, Loie, and Daddy Jay.

    I love you dearly.

    Katy (ie)