Saturday, June 13, 2009


The Hat Say's "Don't Forget My Senior Discount"
My travel friend Mary turned sixty this week. Seems to be a lot of that going around. I decided to celebrate with a tea for twelve of her dearest friends.
What is better than an afternoon lolling with girlfriends -- getting high on caffeine served in dainty cups and indulging in delicate little calorie bombs?
I made iced cucumber infused water (delicious!), iced rosemary and lemon tea, cranberry scones with lemon curd (and they think prime rib is a heart attack on a plate?), and tea sandwiches.
I've decided that tea sandwiches need a real wallop to stand out so here were my combos:
1.Sharp (shredded fine) cheddar cheese with pecans and mayo layered with cream cheese and a ton of curry.
2. Chicken salad layered with whole berry cranberry sauce.
3. Egg salad with celery, Cayenne pepper and stuffed green olives.
4. Of course cucumber sandwiches made with what we call Benedictine in Louisville.

My girlfriend Gillian from England taught me to roll the edges of cucumber sandwices in chopped parsley to make them "pop" on the platter.
We finished up with a lemon cake doused in fresh strawberries sauce.
I've learned that most people don't care much about their birthday until it is the day.
So I try to make sure the day is marked.
It matters that they were born. Tony Campola always says; "If God had a refrigerator He'd put your picture on it."
If my friends are that loved by Him then I feel privileged to party with Him!


  1. What a lucky friend! Sounds wonderful.

  2. I love you! what a fabulous party you threw for me. I'm very blessed to have a family that celebrates birthdays but no girlfriend has ever done that for me before. I felt so "honored" that you opened your home to me, made beautiful and tasty food from scratch, lovely tea in china cups, great decorations. You paid attention to every detail to make it a special day for me. I'm so grateful that God has brought you in to my life. This will be a day to treasure forever.
    love, Mary

  3. I wish that I could have been there! Happy Birthday Mary! Love you Suzanne!
    Hugs, Jan