Tuesday, June 23, 2009

John and Kate ........PLEASE WAIT!

I'm falling into my Susan Boyle syndrome. Can't get my heart off of last night's episode of "John and Kate Plus Eight".
The book of Proverbs says: " My people perish for lack of wisdom."
These two well intentioned, exhausted, loving, kind, hard working people are making a huge mistake.
No one will ever love your children as much as the two of you do. No one has your memories.
Your children could benefit more by watching you fight but work it out than for you to leave them with the message that they just were not worth fighting for. You are Christians and there are incredible resources available to you.
His High Places in Blowing Rock North Carolina is one of these places.
I'm hoping that the theory of six degrees of separation is true and someone who reads this will get this message to you. Go for a week each by yourself before you throw in the towel! You will find refreshment for your weary soul. Wisdom and non judgemental love are there waiting for you.
You have nothing to loose except a bunch of vulture lawyers.

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