Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Don't Be So Humble -- You're Not That Great" Mark Twain

The Burden of Being Right
Of all of the winsome character traits that come to mind I think humility is my gold standard in our present society. It is rare and getting more so every season.
We as a society seem to have fallen in love with being right. We paste our rightness on our car bumpers and tune in our radios to whiners who assert the same right opinions we hold.
Ask us if we are humble and we'll tell you how "nothing" we are but then we will go down fightin' for our rights.
Wonder what I could do if I got over my sweet self and really just let it go of being right. If I cheered on my neighbor or served someone who had no way of paying me back or sat down on the curb and laughed with abandon.
It might result in making a forever friend or feeling God's breath on my neck or drawing a crowd of people who pine to laugh hard with someone.
I bet that in this humble state of abandon all of us might be drawn closer to our Creator God.
Human nature being what it is I'm sure not one person in these situations would give two hoots if my opinions are right.

"By this shall all men know that you are mine -- that you are right oh, no it says -- that you love one another". Jesus


  1. My Motto is "Hey it ain't about me. But It ain't all about you either."
    I enjoy your blog.

  2. My motto is "Hey, It ain't about me, but it's not all about you either."
    I enjoy your blog.