Sunday, October 31, 2010

Be Careful What You Pray For.........

When my boys were little my favorite funny aunt was dying of breast cancer. As I nursed her we would talk about the things in life that really matter. Here are some of Aunt Jack's (yes, that is Jack and I had an Aunt Bill too) insights:

1. Much of the busyness and running around in a panic of daily life is not necessary. When you stop it is like pulling your finger out of a glass of water. It just fills in. Don't scurry.

2. No one prays for your child like you do. One of her biggest regrets about dying was that she no longer would be able to pray for her boys as they navigated through life.

3. The second most important decision your child will make is who they marry. Pray for that future mate each night as you all say your prayers with your child. Happy mate -- happy life. Loving mate loving life.

I took this suggestion seriously  and one night as JT was saying his  six year old prayers he stopped and asked "Could we look in the phone book and see my wife's  name?" He just couldn't stand waiting any longer to know who this special girl was going to be. I explained that surely we would see her name but we wouldn't know which one it was.

This praying works and the proof I needed was all wrapped up in my Daughter in Law joining our family.
All of those prayers conditioned my son to know that there was a special someone out there that God had chosen for him and he wasn't going to take up with just any ole girl.
That decision has blessed him, our whole family and my precious grandchildren.
So, be careful what you pray for but make sure you pray. How can we know that God answers prayers -- if we don't ask?

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