Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Salahis Crash the Duck Pond Party

The Salahis
Look who landed at our party?  The ornithology version of the Shalais', Canadian Geese -- ugh!  Poop machines disguised as ducks. 
Listen, Papa Joe and I already spend too much time cleaning up after The Usual Suspects we don't need these unwelcome Yankees adding to the chore.
So just like the uber modern woman I am I Googled "How to get rid of Canadian Geese?"
Come to find out swans are the arch enemy of Canadian Geese. 
Put them in proximity of each other and it's like the old west where the geese  demise -- "There's not room in this town for the both of us!"
So grabbing Papa Joe's wallet I ordered the cheapest, tackiest decoy swan I could E-bay.
Here she is:

Our very own Appalachian yard ornament.
But, you know what?  The 12 Canadian Geese have flown the pond.  They haven't returned since we stapled her to the front yard.
The neighbors may be saying "there goes the neighborhood" but our side walk is pristine.
Papa Joe wants to name her (as if that will make her more presentable?). 


  1. I don't have a name suggestion, but sometime can you orient me to your yard? I can never get it quite clear as to where the water is in relation to your house. Is it across the street? At the edge of your back yard?
    Anyway, she's lovely. I hope Blue Heron's like swans.

  2. I vote for "White Quacker"!

  3. The house is on an angle and faces the street and the Duck Pond. Suzi is brilliant. Because of her placement of mirrors inside, even the rooms that don't face the pond have a nice water view.