Monday, October 18, 2010

For No Reason at All

Might be my favorite reason for a surprise present!  Look what came in my mail last week from my dear friend Debbie:
This handmade table topper.  She told me it was just to let me know she loves me. 
Debbie knows I decorate for every known holiday and a few (like National Jello Week) not so well known.
I have a brain jello mold that is quite the show stopper when filled with lime jello and cottage cheese.  Two holidays (Halloween first) out of one accoutrement.  Love it.

(It's in the will and no you can't have it)
I walk through the living room many times a day and each time I feel loved when I see my festive arrangement.
Speaking of Halloween... We have an army of kids come through our neighborhood.  Several years ago I noticed that some of the poor children would use their shirts stretched out or a flimsy plastic bag from the grocery store to hold their candy.  It worried me that they could loose their haul by a tear or a trip.  So we began stashing sturdy bags we bought to give to those kids.
Look what I found for those kids instead at Walmart for $1.00 a piece today!

Until Trick or Treat don't they make a cheerful display in our window?
Now, what can I do to celebrate Martin Luther King's wedding anniversary???

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