Friday, December 24, 2010

 Come on in....
The table is set.
It's the best birthday party of the year!
Even the ducks are decked out.
The view is fine

Look who made a stop on their way to the live Nativity.

And there are carriage rides for neighbors to see the Christmas lights tonight.

Culinary experiments abound.  This is an idea I found on  A pumpkin pie baked into a spice cake.  Caramel frosting is in the works.
My favorite gifts this year.  Every time we move I ask God to give me one crazy friend.  Someone who is as off the wall and up to no-good as I am. 
God is faithful.  He gave me my girlfriend Linda Stowell who makes me giggle until the tears run down my legs.
She gifted me this year with:
"Season's Greetings" toilet paper.  This will never be used and will become our version of a South Philly couch wrapped in plastic for all eternity.  But wait there's more....

Linda purchased a ton of these for all of the employees at their company.  Her best guess is the Chinese artist was great at painting.  Not so much at spelling.
"Christmas hugs (ylugs)" to you too from the Honeycutts.

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  1. Well, as unkind as it is, I'm jealous as heck. Of your beautiful house, of anyone who gets to eat at that table with you, but mostly of the ornament. I ylove that thing!!!
    And is your pie like this?
    Please post a picture after you slice it.