Saturday, December 18, 2010

New York Christmas - the Last Day

Monday morning dawned bright, sunny and cold.  I put on everything in my suitcase and hit the streets with my final to-do list. 

 A ceramic tile from a subway station.  NYC has taken a lesson from Paris and put beautiful artwork under security glass in the train stations.  Adds a whole new meaning to "Getting there is half the fun."
 Bryant Park is right outside the library.  Tent-shops and an ice skating rink are set up for the month of December. At the food tents I bought a ham and cheese crepe and a peanut butter cookie to die for.  The cookie was two thin crispy cookies with organic peanut butter spread in the middle.
 Of course the Kate Spade tent was so Kate!
 Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the great American novel is being written inside here!
 Just a stairwell ceiling in the library.
 This is a display of Christmas cards from the fifties.  It brought back visions of our kidney shaped coffee tables made out of blond wood Formica.  Did you have one too?
 OK - If you have the book with the right side of the "O" please return it.

 Rockefeller Center.  He asked where I'd been and I replied; "You know I couldn't miss seeing you!"

 French chocolates.  Going rate?  $84.00 per pound.  Your box is in the mail.  Be patient.
 Henry Bendel has the most breathtaking displays.......

 This clam shell opened and closed to reveal a thing of beauty.
Imagine this scene -- you are walking down the sidewalk with George Clooney and he tells you he is finally over being a bachelor.  You stop and as he goes down on one knee the clam shell opens to him saying; "If you marry me it's yours"!
Frankly, I think I could handle the whole hairnet thing.

 This whole window was shells and pearls.

(Bergdorf Goodman)
And then it was time to fly away, fly away, flyaway home

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  1. Oh Suzanne, the sound of your name puts a smile on my face. I can't wait to see the NYC sites December 2011together!