Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Know - I Know

On my last day in Louisville I took my mother (Loie) to see the movie Secretariat.  I thought it would be fun to travel back into the time when I was growing up and she was in her prime.
We absolutely loved it.
I would whisper to her:
"Terrazzo floors!"  And she would say "I know."
"The ballroom of the Pendennis Club!"  "I know."
"That darling Pendleton suit and Feragamo loafers!"  "I know."
"That's Keenland race track not Belmont."  "I know."
"You wore your hair like that!"  "I know."
So we both sat there transported back with the woman we most loved sharing the memories with -- each other.  There are so many thoughts not shared between us because it would consume our present days.  But what a gift!
Is that you nodding -- "I know."
My Mother.

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