Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peace on Earth, Goodwill...Here I come

When we moved to the sunshine state we chose to not have so much upkeep and have felt freed by less of everything.

That less-ness is a little challenging this time of year when our closets, that are stocked like a puzzle that has been meticulously assembled, will be acquiring  new stuff come Christmas Day.
So our motto is "The Lord giveth and Goodwill taketh away."
There was a season in my life when Goodwill was my go-to shop for all of my treasures. I was a buyer and rarely donated. But I do remember a purple vest that grew too snug and I begrudgingly took it to the drop off not wanting its adorableness wasted in the back of my coat closet.
Several years later after a stressful divorce I discovered that little purple piece of happiness on the rack at another Goodwill. Due to my stress induced weight loss program it fit again! Four dollars for four years of dry storage. Not bad.
Nowadays I'm often in the donate lane outside my local store.
Those clothes in our closets can take just so much of "Push 'em back -- Push 'em back -- waaaay back."
Life has seasons and so does Goodwill.
I'm grateful for each one!

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