Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waking Up in NYC, Saturday.

We strolled past the famous Macy's windows on our way to the half price ticket outlet at South Street Seaport. It is a secret place I go to that has practically no lines, as opposed to Times Square. Well, this weekend it had about 100 people in line because it is the busiest weekend in NYC of the year. But still we were in and out in less than 45 minutes.

We met one of my favorite miniature human beings in the world -- Lucy our neighbor -- along with her family for a lunch at Batsa

This is the "Cheese Pasta." Yes they make the pasta there, cook it and then toss it in a huge hunk of hollowed out aged Parmesan. It can make you weep with joy. If you see Dr. Fidel Garcia from Jacksonville (handsome and very serious about healthy eating) do NOT mention this post. 
 Off to Union Square Market where farmers from upstate NY and the surrounding states come sell their wares each weekend. The best of everything.

 Now you know where to get a professional portrait of your sock monkey!
The homemade jam lady.

And something to spread it onto.

 Around the corner is ABC Carpet. The most wonderful home decor store and the largest purveyor of carpets and rugs in the world.

 Yep, they managed to have the real Santa there.

This made me want to sing -- God Save the Couch.
Somebody call Pee Wee Herman and tell him we found his couch.
I'm so grateful I don't have the "Got to own it" gene but I sure do love to ogle.
After a quick nap at the hotel I was off to see "Mary Poppins."  It was beyond expectations.  You couldn't have slapped the smile off my face. 
All in all I'd say the whole day was a


  1. I think Pee Wee Herman's couch needs to move to Winter's Past.

  2. I feel famous being on your blog! Highlight of my trip to NYC. Loved it!
    That Santa is amazing... I just want to go and hug him.