Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sun-less Sunday in NYC

It was a drizzly morning but we were not dissuaded.

If it is Sunday and I'm in New York you can count on me being at Times Square Church.  It's like the United Nations but with better speakers and a good beat.
We sat next to a teacher from the  Styvansant neighborhood and it was evident in talking to him  that he is top notch and dedicated to his calling.
The choir -- thrilling.
The sermon -- challenging.
If you aren't there forty five minutes early you won't have a seat in the sanctuary.  Oh, that more churches had this problem. They have rooms with simulcast that seat hundreds.

We moved our bottoms from the seats at TSC to the Imperial Theater to see "Billy Elliot."  It was good and had a story with reconciliation and redemption at the close.  Sort of "Foot Loose" with British accents.  A very pleasant way to spend a blustery day indeed.
Of course we had to take the path that led us through Juniors Cheesecake.

"I'll have what she's having!"
We caught the train back home and that night I got to meet my son for dinner.  Dinner at Uncle Jack's was just OK but the company was out of this world.
Good night -- Big Apple.

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