Friday, August 21, 2009

"The Girls" With the Old Lady Faces

The Rock and Roll Mothers Roll Again
I heard about a woman who told her grandson that "the girls" were coming by for lunch the next day. When her friends arrived he asked where are the girls? These are the girls she replied. Ohhhhh, he summed up -- the girls with the old lady faces!
Tomorrow I'm taking off to the lake for an annual reunion with the girls who have known me longest and best. These trips have gone on since our kids were growing up and always involve; a boat, a body of water, cheese torte, helpful hints, a few tears, a million laughs, music from the 60s, and commiseration over the state of our minds and bodies.
There was a time when we looked better skinny dipping than in our suits. then came the day when being upholstered in a suit was a more humane state. Low and behold after I tried on my suit in preparation for this year I decided we might have come full circle. Large neon flowers are not an improvement over a monotone pallet.
Makes me glad we somehow navigated the "Let's get wild and get a tattoo" period. I just don't think I could have endured the butterfly evolving into a fly.
I will be on Lake Cumberland until next Thursday. I don't know what psychotherapy costs these days but I'm sure this is cheaper.

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