Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Kentucky State Fair

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Oh, how we love to go to the Kentucky State Fair!
When I go home in August Annie and I always take the grandchildren to the fair on opening day.
Each person has their favorites. Me? I adore the “Ugly Lamp Contest” . The best ones are the real lamps from the 70s. I am cursed with an imagination that pictures the whole room that lamp must have occupied. There’s just no accounting for taste.
Cole loves talking to the 25’ Freddie the Farmer (who he insists on calling Big Dan?). Freddie has been to the fair for over 30 years and he is wired to talk to the kids. You can ask him questions like “what size are your shoes” and he’ll answer size 30.
There is a giant indoor slide the kids run to first that the cute National Guardsmen attend. Sleep tight tonight – no one is going to fall off that slide!
Fair food is the best. Corn dogs, caramel corn, lemonade shake-ups. The biggest treat is the tiny tubes of honey we purchase from the farmers at the bee hive exhibit. 25 cents of pure delight. We are two fisted eaters at the fair.
Somehow – someway they always have newborn baby animals in the farm animal arena. What is cuter than a momma pig with little oink oinks nursing?
My heart is smiling knowing next week my plane will land in Louisville and off we’ll go for the 60th year of my life to the fair!

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