Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saving the World -- One Duck at a Time

Good-bye Rascals!
The duck hospital in our fenced backyard has officially shut down. The recovering ducks from the vet's hospital have been released into the wilds of the duck pond as of last night.
First we had to put the "mean ducks" (that kept attacking the weaker recuperating ones) into the witness protection program by relocating them to a pond down the road.
It was quite a rodeo as Joe , Vic (the physician who had left his ducks in our care while he vacationed out of the country) and the next door baby sitter's boyfriend cornered the hoodlums, caged them and drove down the road to ponds unknown.
It will be a treat to have the backyard and deck to ourselves again. No more baby pool, midnight feedings or waking to the sound of Mother Goose honking for room service.
Lucky Duck lost her husband in the exodus but I have reassured her life will be much more pleasant without him.
Oh, the Days of Our Lives -- on the Duck Pond.


  1. Oh good, Clio was soooo worried that you had banished Lucky. ilene

  2. Too funny! We have been out of town, but when we got home today, we saw Joe out there with Mama Goose in the Pool beside the pond. Hope y'all are well!