Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat - Pray - Shop

The Rock and Rolls hit the streets of St. Augustine for a chance to effect the GNP.  This sign in the first shop cracked us up.  

One of my favorite places on St. George Street is a museum dedicated to the first Greek colony in the Western Hemisphere.
It is like a beautiful church and has haunting melodies playing in the background.  Very calming.
The frescos are stunning.
From the sublime to the ridiculous.  We went to O'Steens for lunch.  
Once while we were waiting in line a man sitting by us said he had been a Merchant Marine and traveled the world but this was the best fried shrimp he had ever eaten.  I concur!
And to make you really jealous.  Look what I found in a junk shop...
 Yes, I will be going to the White House with my monkey, banana necklace around my neck.  What a country!

 Ralph Lauren eat your heart out.

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