Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me and Captain J.P.

Joe gave me a membership to a boat club for Christmas.  Forget diamonds and jewels -- I love the water. 
Captain J.P. is my certification instructor and we have a high old time.  He hardly ever slaps me  when I am slow to put 'er in gear and the tat tat tat noise comes from the gears.  He rarely threatens to push me overboard if I won't quit obsessing about the depth finder.  "We're only four feet from the bottom.  I better pull the engine up higher!" I panic.  He just calmly says we're fine and to watch out for that naval carrier twenty feet starboard.
This has been a thrill and I can't wait to have time on the water again. 
Our fair city has more water front property than any other city in the continental United States and I now have a propeller.
The water is like a tranquilizer.  And full of new friends lurking everywhere.

There is a sence of acomplishment and adventure in learning how to float my own boat.
"Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me......"

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