Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeding Time

So this is how it goes first thing in the morning around here.
Papa Joe greets his new girlfriend "Alley-Cat", or Ali for short, with her breakfast followed by her pill for the rash on her tummy.
She moved in on him when I moved out to take care of my mother in January.
"But Papa Joe is so cute!"
Then Joe and Miss Glorie Hallelujah
take a quick stroll around the block while I prepare her breakfast of dog kibbles and pureed pumpkin.
 "I'm not a morning dog."
The pumpkin is a discovery on Google when I asked what could prevent puppy diarrhea?
Then the kitchen door is flung open and "The usual suspects" come waddling for their fresh water and special feed from the Feed and Seed. 
"You can call me , Nelsen, Elvis or Mother Goose but just make sure you call us to breakfast!"

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