Saturday, March 19, 2011

High Brow

I remember my relief when Ali McGraw became the darling of my generation.  She had the most fabulous bushy eyebrows -- and so did I!   Those caterpillars on my forehead were in style. 
At this time in my life I realized everything has a season of coolness.  Just wait.
And then...
My eyebrows went on a diet when I slipped into menopause and I glanced in the mirror one day to discover they had turned into two little apostrophes framing my eyes.
Not a good look in any era.
So, when I bought at Walgreens some of the stuff that makes your eyelashes grow I noticed that it stated it could grow eyebrows too.
Each night I would smear a little across my former Ali McGraws and wait for the magic.
We'll yesterday as I was pencilling in the patchy spots I realized it worked!  But there is one detail I overlooked.  They didn't grow thicker -- they grew longer.
I was shooting for Ali
But I ended up with

Moral of this tale of woe?  Read the fine print.
In the meantime I'll wait for the Ernest look to take the runways.

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