Thursday, March 3, 2011


Do you feel guilty when you see a homeless person and don't know what to do?  If I can't take them to purchase a meal on the spot I'm not sure it's a good idea to give them money and maybe enable  a  possible destructive habit.
Listen to what my girlfriend Ray Martin (the mom of author Charles Martin who has written some great books) does....
She keeps a place in her car with bags for such a time as this.
Inside the bag is:
A granola bar --
A bus ticket
And a note that says; "I bought this granola bar so you can have a snack if you are really hungry and this bus ticket so you can ride to the City Rescue Mission New Life Inn downtown. 
Please go there.  Just give the person at the reception desk this letter, tell them Ray sent you, and they will help you," she writes, adding "So you see there is no reason for you to be hungry or sleep outside tonight."
Women may stay too.

What is the solution to these awkward encounters? 
 It's in the bag.

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