Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Hello" Is Anybody Out There?

I have spent the last two nights intermittently praying through the night for the people of Japan. I have a haunting image of a mother trying to attend her children in a horrifying situation. I pray as if those prayers are driven straight to the heart of the Creator of the universe. Because I believe they are.

Almost thirty years ago I heard a woman speak of her experience of dying and coming back to life after they resuscitated her.
She had all of the glamour of a woman you would serve on the PTA with and had not written a book. She wasn't trying to hawk a story to make money. She just felt compelled to let others know.
She explained that she found herself standing next to what she imagined as an angel. Their presence was so bright and she felt very peaceful in their presence. She stood with him high above the earth and she could see the earth from the vantage point of an astronaut. The earth looking like a not too distant globe suspended in the universe.
From the earth she could see bright tubular rods of lights beaming to the place where they were. These lights were lit so brightly she could barely look at them. They hummed with a tone that reflected the enormous energy they possessed. She asked what they were and it was explained they were the prayers of the faithful going straight to the heart of God.
I believed her and it changed my perspective on prayer.
It is powerful. It is a responsibility. It is a privilege. And it moves the universe.
I am compelled to pray for Japan and my own little world.
It’s a big part of why I'm on earth taking up space and air.

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