Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dinner Disasters Part #2 A Big Blowout

Husband Joe has accused me of being so organized that I'm disorganized. You be the judge.
Knowing I don't cope well in last minute situations I try to do everything I can before the day of a party.
Seemed like a good idea to take my time and set the table for company a week before they showed up.
It looked great and I even had time to be creative with the details instead of slinging that stuff onto the table at the last minute. I was so proud I mentioned my preparedness any chance I had. Like oh say to ; the mailman, my co-workers, the lady at the bank, my neighbors, the grocery check out girl and I actually tried to get onto a radio call in show on the subject of lawn pests figuring I could somehow work it in.
Lulled into a false sense of security the day of the dinner found me frantically cooking. Ten minutes before the guests were to arrive I went in to take one more glance at the table in all of it's glory.
Why were my cheerful plates looking dreary? Oh, no! A layer of dust had settled on everything. Unlike Mic Jaggers time was clearly not on my side. My mind raced. Too late to strip and wash everything and the clock was ticking........
In a moment of necessary invention I grabbed my blow dryer and an extension cord and the dust flew. Ding dong.
Maybe Joe has a point after all.

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