Friday, May 8, 2009

If It's Not One Thing -- It's Your Mother

Maybe it is because I lost my Dad this year or maybe it is because the distance away from my children never gets easier but this year's Mother's Day seems more poignant.
Growing up I thought everyone had a mom like mine until I went to college. The eyeopening stories I heard made me realize I had won the Mother Lottery.
My Mom is the Empress of FUN. She knows how to make life happen.
When her best friend moved into the wealthiest neighborhood in Louisville Mom's friend hosted a tea to get to know her neighbors. She included Mom to give her confidence. I saw a gleam in Mom's eyes the morning of the tea when she put on the Minnie Pearl outfit she had worn in a church play. She was a hit (after her friend had a red faced moment). It set an unstuffy tone and everyone knew her friend Janie was going to make their block interesting.
Another defining moment in my childhood was when one of her other friend's husband came down with cancer while he was unemployed. One Sunday after church while still dressed in her Sunday best Mother launched out into the streets of St. Matthews and went door to door explaining the situation and asking if people would like to donate to help them out. People were generous and I learned that a little thing like pride should never get in the way of helping out a friend.

Daddy should have seen his zany life coming. After their wedding, as they were pulling out of the train station for New York City, Mom said; "Squish your nose up on the window for the photographer!"
What a snapshot of her approach to life's adventures.
Now at 84 in the toughest most challenging period of her life she still finds ways to celebrate the ordinary.
While the entrance of their subdivision was being worked on she spied a sign that read "MEN AT WORK" She went home, made another sign , walked back up to the entrance and posted hers under their sign. It simply said; "THIS IS HIGHLY UNUSUAL".

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  1. This is a great one! One day I pulled in Loie's drive and the men working sign had Loie's taped note reading "How Unusual".