Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Morning From Rome sorry everthing is so small my blog has lost the ability to set a size of photos or words.

Well, we woke up in Rome and it is a beautiful day.
I m off to Borghese Gardens and Villa. I hear the art is wonderful and thought I d spend some time outside in the 70 degree sunny weather.
Mary took off to see the Pope but I was just there a few years ago and I didn t think he d want to see my saintly self again so soon.
The idea of this trip is to revisit some of my favorite places and not be in a hurry.
This afternoon I ll go to Santa Maria del Popolo church.
My friend Katy Towers said it is a must. A painting of St. Peter being crusified upside down (he didn t feel worthy to die in the same manner of Jesus) moved Katy so much she said -go see it so I will.
Both sights are in our neighborhood so I will keep this day simple and close to home.
The travel takes it out of this old girl!
No spell check on this computer for it is calibrated for Itallian. Sorry.

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