Sunday, November 1, 2009

Location Location Location

Our nest has rarely been empty. To soothe my soul after JT moved on to college I adopted a gang of Freshmen at Eastern college just a few miles from our home in Philadelphia. They filled up our dishwasher, washing machine and lives with their laughter and drama. Four years later we stood in our drive waving goodbye after a graduation party we hosted for their families. I glanced over at Joe and he had tears dripping off of his chin.
"Don't worry Joe I'll buy you some more to take their place" I assured him and I've been a woman of my word.
Church interns, Americore volunteers, inner city Gap Year teacher's aids and now our neighborhood kids.
When we bought this house we were a little concerned that it has a shared driveway. Would that be too close for comfort? What about our privacy?
Little did we know that what was not written in the contract was a deal for the most dear adopted grand daughter.
She is the daily sunshine of our lives. When we have a dinner party she loves to set the table and prides herself on picking out lovely settings.
When Papa Joe mucks out the pond he knows he always has an enthusiastic helper and treasure hunter in the mix (you can't believe what comes up from the depths).
Holidays when we are away from family our driveway family shares our meal and tote life and love across the bricks.
We keep our back doors open to each other and think nothing of popping in in our PJs or leaving surprises on kitchen tables.
Today Clio turns eight and we can hardly believe what a beautiful and poised young lady she is becoming. We will host on our deck the adults bringing their kids to her party.
Our world is richer and bigger because we bought a house with a real estate flaw.

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