Monday, November 16, 2009

You're Only 60 Once and If You Do It Right -- Once is Enough!

When I turned 60 Joe asked if he should give me a big party. My heart's desire (if I was going to get a Cinderella wish) was to go back to some of my favorite places in Europe.
I leave Thursday morning for Rome! From there I'll train up the coast of Italy to Venice and then wing my way down to Barcelona. Each city is a magical place that I often revisit in my dreams. Now I return in the flesh.
I'll try to upload photos along the way on my blog. Hopefully there will be Internet cafes along the way.
I don't know how many good walking years this old grey mare has left in her so I'm thrilled to have this opportunity.
A bag full of Advil and I'm off.....................


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh sounds wonderful- for you because you love to travel, and for me because I don't but LOVE to have friends who do and tell me about it. Traveling mercies!