Monday, November 2, 2009

Too Cool for School

I wasted a lot of my youth trying to be like the "cool" girls.
They were pretty (vain), only dated rich boys, and had lots of money. Their futures looked so rosy they had to wear shades (designer -- of course).
Over the years at reunions I've had the chance to observe how cool-ness worked out in their lives. Most of them live in the best zip codes and have all of the perks that money can buy but not many are "rich" from my sixty year old perspective.
God gave me a friend to observe and through her I've picked up the principals of being rich.
Don't look for a book at Kinkos by her on this subject. She's too busy livin' the life. When she didn't date the football star she got busy volunteering and met the most devoted supportive man to become her DH (dear husband).
When she couldn't have children she got busy helping women who were dying. One woman left two little girls behind and asked Sue to adopt them. She and Shawn did and now those beautiful young women are full ride scholarship scholars and they still run to her when they see her in public. How rich is that?
When she couldn't afford a house in the suburbs she bought a house in the inner city and discovered a church that is so creative and so excited about loving the poor into a relationship with God that they have a party almost every week to celebrate their good fortune. Those folks - not hindered by big house payments - had the time to tutor and spoil with love said children.
Her home is so winsome and lovely. Decorated with things others donate it draws in the stranger and friend alike.
If you haven't checked out her web site you are missing out.
Maybe, just maybe a little of her cool-ness will rub off by association?
We can only hope.................

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  1. Well, you made us sound so good we hardly recognized ourselves!! Can't say that I feel very cool most of the time, but I sure do feel rich and blessed, and a lot of that wealth is in having great friends!