Friday, November 27, 2009


Welcome to Barcelona! We got here Friday and promptly walked to the Bouqueria (sp?). It is the largest and finest food market in Europe. There was a Catalyn festival going on and Tapas plates were 1 Euro and local wine was 1 Euro a glass.
I can't download my photos on this hotel computer so go to and search Barcelona. It really is that stunning! At our table we met a lovely couple from Iowa that will be on our cruise. They are in their late 60s and travel quite a lot. Can't wait to see them onboard.
Yesterday we hopped the double decker bus and went to Park Gueil. The whole city was there because it is a magical place and the day was sunny and warm.
Last night we had Tapas in our old neighborhood from the last trip (Gotic) and then walked to the outdoor Christmas market in front of the Cathedral. I bought some tiny ducks to remind me of home. At the resturant we asked the owner if he was the cook. "First tell me if you liked the food"he replyed. People are light in spirit and warm.
Today we board our ship and head to Cannes tomorrow. Brad Pitt will probobly be waiting impatiently looking at his watch for me.
Such a trip. I have never in my life!

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  1. Of all the places you have gone so far, Barcelona calls to me the most. I have beautiful pictures in my minds eye, having never heard anything but romantic sweet stories about time spent there. Enjoy! Hope there's internet access on the ship! I'm kind of hooked.