Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something's Lost But Somethings Found In Living Day To Day

Joni Mitchell

My days have been packed with good things. The metronome has just been set too fast.
Last weekend we flew to North Carolina and then drove to Virginia for a "His High Places" reunion. My turn around from a board meeting at my house to the airport was warp speed.
When we arrived at the retreat I realized I had left all of my personal items in the bathroom at home. UGH.
I have had a life of forgetting things. My spices may be alphabetized and my closets orderly but my mind bogs down on departures.
I still remember leaving John Thomas at 3 weeks old in his bed and going to the grocery. "How is that new baby" the lady in produce asked. "Ohhhhh I'll be right back!"
The Bible asks: "Can a nursing mother forget the child at her breast? Even so your heavenly Father will not forget His own"
Well, Actually.........
But I know God will not forget.
And that is where I'm putting my confidence and hope.
He has a proven track record with "lost".
Today in church we sang "Amazing Grace" and I always feel grounded when we sing the part that says:
I once was lost but now I'm found....

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