Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On to Venice....

We boarded our train and spent the next 4 and a half hours riding throutgh Tuscany. I swear I saw Frances May s house Bromasoeil 1,000 times. So beautiful. Very green for this time of year.
WE arrived at the train station and schlept our bags to our apartment.
A dinner of vegtable soup on the squre and good night Venice. Here are some shots of our little home.
We are not in a touristy area and it is quiet.
A darling German student helped me find this cafe.
Mary tried to find a market this morning and no kidding -- got caught in the middle of a violent protest!
She returned to the apartment rattled. Won t go in that direction today!
She might be on the evening news. Wonder what the protest is about?
Maybe they didn t like the fashions in Milan?
Off to San Marco Square. Our landlord provides boots for us.

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